D&D Shopping

D&D Shopping

Today, D&D Shopping is the most complete Decoration & Design center in Latin America. Pioneer, it opened in September 1995, in São Paulo, and launched the concept of a shopping center specializing in Decoration & Design in Brazil, following the same line as the best centers in the United States and Europe.

Located in one of the most valued business areas in São Paulo – the Berrini region – D&D Shopping is part of the World Trade Center São Paulo complex , comprising the Sheraton São Paulo WTC Hotel, WTC Events Center, the WTC Business Club and the WTC Business Tower.

With easy access from Av. of the United Nations (Marginal Pinheiros) or by Av. Berrini and with ample parking and a range of convenience services, D&D Shopping is much more than a mall. Restaurants and cafes complete the ideal environment for shoppers.

The best stores in the decoration and design business are spread over the four floors of the mall, which, with their wide aisles, are an invitation to take a tour of the D&D world. The windows, signed by architects and designers, are the inspiration for those who want the best for their home.

From exclusive pieces for decoration to simple utensils, the range of products allows the visitor to find, with great comfort and practicality, everything they want for their home, whether in the countryside, at the beach or in the city.

D&D in Numbers

Spread over more than 24,000 m² of total area on four floors, the dozens of D&D stores receive, in addition to the general public, hundreds of architects and designers every month. The more than 2800 parking spaces at the WTC São Paulo complex complement the space.

Professionals in architecture, landscaping, interior design and decoration form a base with more than 9000 subscribers who connect with D&D through a relationship program called I/D.

Every month, around 400,000 people pass through the D&D corridors, coming from events held at the WTC Events Center, from the various commercial towers and the four hotels in the vicinity, or visitors who come exclusively for D&D.

The food and convenience area completes the mix of products and services offered by D&D Shopping. There are more than 17 options for everything from a coffee or a quick snack, to a refined lunch or dinner. Services in the fields of aesthetics, currency exchange and convenience kiosks complement the facilities offered.

With two annual editions, Bota Fora D&D has established itself as a major sales event in the sector, thanks to the seriousness of retailers in really offering aggressive discounts. In addition to boosting sales, Bota Fora D&D precedes the arrival of new collections and exclusive pieces.

Even in adverse scenarios, D&D Shopping’s sales volume is impressive. The greatest proof of the success of the model implemented at D&D Shopping was reached in 2021. Even after 15 months of pandemic, the occupancy rate of stores exceeded 92%.

D&D more than shopping

More than just being a shopping mall, D&D Shopping has always sought to combine shopping with cultural, charitable, information and involvement actions of its customers and professionals in the field of decoration and design, aiming at greater well-being. The dozens of cultural exhibitions, creation of art galleries and temporary exhibitions, charity events or with income donated to social actions are part of the DNA of D&D Shopping.

The spontaneous involvement of professionals and clients in all these actions, directly or indirectly, is proof that, more than products and services, our greatest asset is people.


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