WTC Business Tower

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The WTC Business Tower is the commercial address for large and medium-sized companies from different segments.

There are more than 30,000 m² spread over 25 floors, with connections to the WTC Events Center, Sheraton São Paulo WTC Hotel and D&D Shopping.

The WTC Business Club also occupies an area on the 15th floor, which guarantees proximity to the occupants and reinforces corporate networking.

Areas & Plants

In 2020, we redesigned our 25 floors as a solution to serve a wider range of companies, offering more flexibility in hiring and maximizing floor occupancy.
• CORPORATE: Linear areas from 1212 to 1315m2 with the possibility of contracting contiguous areas on two or more floors;
• SHARED SLABS: Areas from 509 to 744m2 with area gains equivalent to those of Corporate tenants.
• OFFICE PREMIUM: Sets from 173 to 471m2, concentrated in just two floors.
• OFFICE EXCLUSIVE: Only two sets of 606m² on the 15th floor, with exclusive elevator hall

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Flexible Offices

Starting in July 2021, the WTC Business Tower will offer a new option for companies that occupy small spaces or for companies that need a temporary extra space to allocate their employees.

WTC Flex Office by Dezker is the smartest solution and the best address.

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Tower Differentials

When looking for a new address for a company, the first variable considered is location. “Location, location, location” has been a real estate mantra for many years. Currently, a very large number of variables have gained considerable weight and, in addition, corporate profiles have been diversifying year after year.

Today, the more than 50 differentials position the WTC Business Tower in a unique way, generating perceived value for companies from the most different segments.

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Relationship with Real Estate Brokers and Consultants

We know the importance of real estate agents to the corporate real estate market. With this in mind, we created an exclusive space, with technical information and a communication channel, so that brokers can have the latest updates from the WTC Business Tower to offer exactly what their clients are looking for.

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Occupant Area

Is your company already in the WTC Business Tower? For questions and communications, we have a customer service service (SAC), which streamlines the response to the various demands of our occupants and makes available a series of documents for consultation.

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WTC Business Tower News

On this page, we provide some important events and information for WTC Business Tower occupants, visitors and suppliers.

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